OBJECT MOVEMENT is a curated festival and developmental residency for puppeteers and object theater artists. The purpose of the program is to develop new work and advance existing works-in-progress that address social, political, ethical, and/or philosophical questions through puppetry and object theater, culminating in a festival of performances. Participants will meet weekly as a group to share the progress of their pieces and offer feedback. The group is moderated by a curatorial team of puppetry artists and producers. Group meetings will be from September 2017 through Spring 2018, culminating in a festival of performances.


  • Applications due July 15, 2017
  • Participants notified by August 1, 2017
  • Residency meetings start September 12, 2017
  • Work in progress showing in December 2017
  • Festival performances in Spring 2018

Workshop meetings will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm at The Center at West Park on the Upper West Side starting September 18, 2017 and continuing through Spring 2018. Participants will be expected to commit to attending at least 3 meetings per month.

Festival performances will be held in Spring 2018. Dates will be selected based on the availability of the participants.

Participants will be offered free rehearsal space at the Center to develop their piece as part of the Object Movement residency.

Application Information

Artists of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

Please upload a one-page text description and one-page image/illustration of the project you would like to develop and perform during the residency and festival.

Your text description should include:

  • the style of puppetry or object theater used in the project
  • the social, political, ethical, and/or philosophical question(s) addressed in the project
  • why puppetry or object theater is essential to addressing the question(s) and the conception of the project
  • the rough length of the piece you are hoping to perform at the festival, and how much of the material you have already created

Participants may design their project to use either the Balcony Theater (74 seats), the Sanctuary Theater (420 seats), or a combination of the two. Please note which space you would like to use and how it will inform your project. 

Please upload a document with one-page resumes or narrative biographies for up to three lead artists participating in the project. PDF preferred.

Please upload a document with work samples for up to three lead artist participating in this project. Work samples can be links to video, audio, or image galleries; a series of still images; and/or text. Please keep script samples to no more than 10 pages. PDF preferred.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the application process, the residency, or the festival.