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Furnace Festival: THE COUSINHOOD

  • Balcony Theater 165 W 86th Street New York, NY 10024 (map)
The Cousinhood fb-01 (1).png

Who are the Cousins?
How do we know what we know about them?
And why are they so important to our survival today?

Begin to ask the right questions. Begin to hear the right answers.

THE COUSINHOOD tells the story of a matriarchal religious group guided by love and pacifism in a future America. Beyond the dogma, behind the apocrypha, and within the squabbles of hobbyist reenactors, there lies the elusive core of the Cousins’ faith—and, beneath that, our own desire for meaning.

in collaboration with Janice Amaya, Rachael Balcanoff, Brian Bock, Timothy Craig, Daniel Desmarais, Jessica Frey, Lindsley Howard, Cyndii Johnson, Niko Krell, Teri Madonna, Eden Ohayon, Philip Schaffer, Conrad Schott, Alex Seeley.

Directed by Lauren Zeftel
Dramaturgy by Philip Schaffer
Stage Management by Emily Fischer

FEATURING Janice Amaya, Brian Bock, Jessica Frey, Peregrine Teng Heard, Lindsley Howard, Lauren LaRocca, Teri Madonna, Eden Ohayon, and Casey Worthington.